All your Starbase needs
can be satisfied right here with us

We create custom designs based on what you need and desire for a fair price, or you can purchase one of our predesigned ships from the catalogue!

Why us?

We are one of the biggest ship manufacturing industries in the market and we're working tirelessly to offer you the best products we can.

What types of ships do you design?

Any type of ship that you desire we will design it and produce it for you as long as it follows our guidelines.

How do you design ships?

We use professional software like Blender and SketchUp to make the most accurate designs we can. We currently have 5 active designers who are well versed with this software and they achieve high level, satisfactory designs.

SkyJak Industries is hiring!

SkyJak Industries is one of the best places to work at because of how we work. It really makes us enjoy the job. Here are some reasons to join us.

  • Spaceships

    We do what we love, and what we love, we do the best.

  • Teamwork

    We aim to work as efficient as we can and make sure to include everyone in all variety of our projects.

  • Programming

    80% of our programming units have experience with some kind of a coding language.

  • Automation

    Our best designers are currently working on a fully automation capable factory design.

  • Neutrality

    We are a neutral corporation. If we are building for people, be it a base or ships // providing labour, make sure that they are not at war.


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