About SkyJak Industries

Who are we?

In the endeavors of the black expansion of space, we must have a block of people that pursue the same goals, visions, motivations, courage, and above all, a strong commitment to these characteristics. Whatever interests you may have in Starbase. We at SkyJak Industries are an Independent Private Company who will take in any robotic endoskeleton to help them grow and develop into the best they can be. We strive to give a variety of services: Weapons Manufacturing, Civilian Vessel Manufacturing, Military Vessel Manufacturing, Resource mining, Space Travel Assistance, Hauling among others to the highest bidder. Bossing people around isn’t the goal of our management, yet we do demand a minimum effort for the greater good of the Corporation and our members. Because at the end of the day, SkyJak Industries is a construction focused private engineering company built on the foundation of giving each custumer the best equipment.