SkyJak Industries

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions ("Terms")


Last updated: 03/11/2019

Please read these Terms and Conditions ("Terms", "Terms and Conditions") carefully before using the website, any of our vessels, stations, repair services, labour or construction services, insurance or warranty plans, upgrade services, or our custom design services (the "Service") operated by SkyJak Industries ("us", "we", "our", or “SkyJak”).

Your access to and use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all prospective and current customers users and others who access or use the Service.

By accessing or using the service you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not access the Service.

1. Purchases

If you wish to purchase any product or service made available through the Service ("Purchase").

1.1. You may be asked to supply certain information relevant to your purchase including, without limitation, your faction name, your discord name and discrimination, faction role, order subject, any visual design aids and your Public IP Address.

1.2. Any purchase you make will be fully resolved only after full payment, in whatever form is decided on, is received by SkyJak. Until such time, we maintain the right to repossess the vessel if: we believe you intended to harm, destroy, purposefully endanger the vessel as outlined in Article 10, or can no longer complete the payments or meet any of the termination clauses.

1.3. Misuse of the SkyJak Industries website may result in a permanent denial of access towards the SkyJak Industries website which may prevent you from using our services in the future.

2. Vessels and Stations

To operate any of our vessels or stations without losing access to our insurance, warranty plans or upgrade services we require the owning party to:

2.1. Make and have repairs made either by a registered repairer or using an official SkyJak repair kit relating to your vessel or station as instructed by the kit’s manual.

2.2 Have all operators of the vessel or station operate the vessel or station without purposefully endangering or making harmful actions against the vessel as outlined in Article 10.

2.3 Have the vessel or station receive no modifications that would change the original purpose or significantly change the original design of the vessel or station as outlined in Article 9.

3. Repairs

To receive discounted repairs, or retain valid SkyJak insurance or warranty plans the owning party of a vessel or station must:

3.1. Receive repairs form a registered repairer using a valid repair kit following the repair diagram or instructions as supplied by us and where applicable using official SkyJak components.

3.2. Repairs not made by a registered repairer must not accompany a monetary transaction or trade and must be using an official SkyJak repair kit relating to the vessel or station as instructed by the kit’s manual.

3.3 The repairs by a repairer or other person must not include a modification to the vessel or station which would change its original purpose or significantly change its original design as outlined in Article 9.

4. Labour and Construction Services

The labour and Construction services we offer include but are not limited to, onsite vessel and station construction, modification, repairs, offsite ship improvisation, heavy transport, and repossession are governed by and protects our employees by:

4.1. Restricting the client from:

4.1.1. Issuing work that is unfair and/or unlisted from the original work order, gaining access to any services not previously entitled to or forcing our employee to act against our rules, guidelines, or agenda.

4.2. Making the client responsible for:

4.2.1. Any actions made by SkyJak personnel that would break the insurance or warranty of the vessel or station, make the vessel or station ineligible for our upgrade services or the activation of any termination clauses outlined in Article 11.

5. Insurance and Warranty plans

Insurance and warranty plans are currently unavailable and should be available within a week and a half from this document’s publishing or from Starbase’s launch.

6. Upgrade services

Our upgrade service will be us offering to upgrade your vessels and/or station from a previous generation to the current generation.

6.1. Upgrades need to be done by a certified worker from SkyJak at a SkyJak facility with SkyJak components, if this job is done by an uncertified robot it will be considered a modification as outlined in Article 9.

6.2. Upgrades will be available to vessels we deem significantly outmoded by the SkyJak vessel and station component and assembly charter. No upgrades will be done simply by the request of the customer.

7. Custom Design service

The SkyJak custom design service and all of our employees assigned to this service and their work is protected by the following:

7.1. SkyJak Employees are only required to apply resources to, and work on approved projects and only to the extent outlined.

7.2. We retain all rights to all designs shared with or made for a client and furthermore, all edits made to any visual aids provided by a client are then considered our intellectual property.

7.3. SkyJak reserves the right to use any ship designed for any purpose for the research and development of all company assets, and after a period of 2 months the design could be added to the SkyJak general charter or the client can pay a flat rate of [Unknown] credits for a one month extension or [Unknown] credits for a two month extension.

8. Intellectual Property

All designs made by Skyjak or Skyjak affiliates including but not limited to models, sketches, concepts, YOLOL scripts and codes, architectural plans, modular connectors and layouts, blueprints, and system layouts are the intellectual property of SkyJak or Skyjak affiliates as determined by Skyjak. All attempts made to claim them as otherwise or use them without explicit permission will be met with reparations and will be grounds for termination as outlined in Article 11.

9. Modifications

Any alterations, edits, or illegitimate repairs made to or on a SkyJak vessel, station or other products are considered a modification and is serious mistreatment of the product. Modifications include.

9.1. Any change that would affect a vessels purpose or change its structure from its original design as expanded upon below.

9.1.1. Any change to a vessel or stations structure or form to change its operational purpose is considered a modification of its purpose and the vessel or station will be treated as retrofitted and would no longer be covered by any of our insurance or warranty plans and our repair options become strictly limited dependant on the extent of the modification and damages.

9.1.2. Any change to a vessel or stations structure or form that differs from the vessel or stations original design by a count of percentage or count of change parts, components or systems as listed in the SkyJak charter. The vessel or station will be treated as a unique vessel or station and no longer covered by any of our insurance or warranty plans, and our repair options are reduced to salvage sale and trade-in for a discounted price of the original vessel.

9.2. Any modifications to a SkyJak vessel and/or station can be considered legitimate and can be covered by our insurance and warranty plans without losing access to our repair services if a vessel or station is modified according to approved modification plans by a SkyJak employee at a SkyJak facility with SkyJak components. If any of these prerequisites can’t be met an alternative can be sourced at a reasonable cost to the client.

10. Purposeful endangerment or Harmful actions

Deliberate harmful and reckless actions and situations that would jeopardize the integrity of our products are viewed harshly and will be used as grounds to terminate our repair services, insurance and warranty plans and upgrade services or to levy additional fees if the vessels or stations in question are being paid off:

10.1. Purposeful endangerment is considered to be any action or lack of action which purposely places a vessel or station in harm's way. Due to this transgression being difficult to judge this will be often be acted on if offences are repeated or of great severity. The penalty for purposeful endangerment will often be temporary severance of services and in harsher cases, vessels will be repossessed and insurance and warranty plans, and upgrade services will be denied.

10.2. Harmful actions are considered to be any action or instruction given for someone else to make an action, made directly to a vessel or station intending to deface, damage, impair the function of, or disassemble without adequate qualification. As the instances of harm are easy to recognise they will be acted upon with scaling minor punishments that will increase exponentially based on our judgment. The penalty for harmful actions will be temporary stopping of any offered services which will scale up to permanent termination of services and the repossession of vessels.

10.3. The destruction of a vessel or station is considered to be any action which disables at least 80% of the vessel by mass or has disabled most of the vessel or stations functions and is then no longer of value to the owner. The effect of this transgression will be harsh punishments that will increase in severity. It will involve the stopping of all services and voiding most if not all warranties and all repair and upgrade services.

11. Termination

Termination can result from any breach of the terms in this contract or others in this article or beyond and include but is not limited to the methods outlined below.

11.1. Severance methods include but are not limited to: the discontinuation of sales, repairs, insurance or similar warranties, upgrades, construction, association, contracts or any other penalties mentioned in this contract or any other made by Skyjak or Skyjak affiliates or abuse of Skyjak services.

11.2. Termination due to lack of current signing includes the stopping of any and all services if signatures are not present from an appropriate Skyjak official or other consenting parties.

11.3. Termination due to intellectual property theft will result from any breach of Article 8 or a breach any similar term from other contracts between Skyjak and the offending party(ies).

11.2. Termination of further services due to will be due to any breach in this contract or others made by Skyjak and other party(ies) and includes:

11.2.1. Destruction of Skyjak properties or the properties of Skyjak affiliates.

11.2.2. Repeated or previous termination of an individual, group or alternate accounts.

11.2.3. Repossession as outlined in this contract or another made by Skyjak and the offending party.

11.3. Termination of repair services include the discontinuation of Skyjak repairs, from certified individuals, or repair kits or any other penalties mentioned in this contract or others made by Skyjak.

11.4. Termination of labour and construction services include the discontinuation of current or future construction affairs between Skyjak and the offending party or any other penalty mentioned in this contract or another made by Skyjack.

11.5. Termination of insurance and warranty plans includes the discontinuation of any and/or all plans made by Skyjak and the offending party as determined in this contract or others made by Skyjack and said party.


This is the end of Terms and Conditions for SkyJak Industries. By agreeing to it you accept all of the conditions written above.